Carefree Altitude BT-12 Caravan Electronics (Switch, BT-12 Module & Fastners). SR0125


This complete Bluetooth switch kit includes a combination wall switch as well as the BT-12 Module to allow for Bluetooth operation.

The wall switch features a master on/off switch and one touch Extend/Retract. The BT-12 module also enables Bluetooth connectivity through the free app, allowing you to open and close the awning as well as control the LED lighting.

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This handy unit allows you to use Bluetooth to control all parts of your awning right from your hand. It also includes a traditional master Combination Switch just in case your phone isn't available or out of battery!


- Opening and closing the awning
- Turning your LED light bar on and off
- Adjusting the brightness of your LED light bar
- Position the angle of the LED by adjusting the awning
- Using the memory setting to get the exact extension every time
- Do all of this while you're sitting down

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