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AL-KO - IQ7 Hydraulic Bleed Gun - 350045


Bleeding instructions using Sensabrake Pressure Bleed Gun

1. Fill reservoir with clean brake fluid to just below the top of the sight glass.
2. Place the pressure bleed gun socket gently over the neck of the reservoir applying gentle pressure to locate the bleed socket place.
3. Screw the lid in place to secure the socket.
4. Do not push on with excessive force or damage may be caused to the reservoir or the 0 ring on the pressure bleed gun socket.
5. Place the other end of the bleed gun tube into a bottle or container of fresh, new brake fluid.
6. Open the bleed screw (start with the furthermost calliper) at least one full turn. Place a clear flexible hose over the bleed screw and immerse the other end into a container partially filled with brake fluid.
7. Squeeze the pressure bleed gun repeatedly (but not too fast or cavitations may occur) ensuring that the bulk brake fluid tank and the reservoir do not run out of brake fluid or air will enter the hydraulic system. At no stage let the fluid level in the reservoir fall below the minimum fluid level indicator.
8. Continue squeezing the pressure bleed gun until the brake fluid in the flexible hose attached to the bleed screw is free of air bubbles and tighten the bleed screw.
9. Repeat the process with the next furthermost calliper away from the actuator.
10. Bleed the other side of the trailer starting with the closest calliper to the actuator first as above
11. Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle and turn on ignition to activate actuator. Allow the compressor to fully charge the actuator (approx 90 seconds). Once the compressor has stopped apply the brakes, and hold on for a 5 second period and release. Repeat this 4 times.
12. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. It should not exceed the top of the sight glass maximum level.
13. Replace the fluid reservoir cap.

Hayman Reese - CompactIQ Proportional Electric Brake Controller - 333090


The CompactIQ proportional brake control unit has been developed to make it both easier & less intrusive to install and provide the driver with greater control in braking situations. The dial and LED indicator can fit and be mounted in a spare switch panel rather than through the main dashboard or centre console. The brake controller is stored out of sight behind the vehicle's dashboard - with only the control dials showing on the dash. The output control dial has two functions. It lets you set the minimum braking force of the trailer (otherwise known as the "Boost" - a unique feature) and provides an over-ride function for additional braking power on the trailer when required. The over-ride force can be set by the user and is activated by pressing and holding the Output Control Dial.

The "Boost" feature gives users the ability to apply more or less braking power when necessary. By adjusting the Boost on the output control dial, users can choose the minimum amount of braking force to apply when the brake pedal is first pressed. For heavier caravans and trailers more Boost can be used for greater braking control. This feature is unique to the CompactIQ as a remote mounted brake control unit. The LED indicator shows the various states of the braking system through the use of different colours. It also confirms successful installation. Green indicates the system is connected and operating correctly. A red light indicates that the system is active and applying the trailer's brakes. A flashing red light means there is a connection fault.

Hayes - Hayes Energise III Electric Brake Controller - 333092


For the ultimate efficiency with electric brakes a motion sensing controller provides the best balance between the tow vehicle and the trailer braking. This control system can provide manual operation as well as smooth proportional braking when the tow vehicle brakes are applied.

Tekonsha - Primus IQ Proportional Electric Brake Controller - 1 to 3 Axle Trailers - 333063


A totally proportional electric trailer brake control, the new PrimusIQ is self-levelling so no level adjustment is necessary.
Utilizing the primary sensor technology from Prodigy, the PrimusIQ now includes the Boost feature that gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking when towing heavier trailers. It works proportionally in reverse for backing into tough spots and includes a snap-in dash mounting clip and removable electrical connector that allows the unit to be quickly stored when not in use.

You will appreciate the digital readout depicting a secure electrical connection, amount of voltage delivery to the trailer brakes and diagnostic features incorporated in the LED display.

Tekonsha - Tekonsha P3 Proportional Electric Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axle Trailers - 333065


P3 the industries most advanced electric trailer brake control. A true proportional braking system, P3 has several added features, making it the new standard for electric trailer brake controls.

- 5 storable setting options for pulling different trailers or preferences of multiple drivers.
- A distinct, easy-to-read LCD display with multiple screen colour options.
- Up-Front controls provide easy access to all P3 features.
- Easy to understand diagnostics show output current, battery, brake, and output voltage.
- A flashing red warning system alerts user to No Trailer Brake situations.
- Select Electric over Hydraulic or Electric trailer brake mode.
- Screen information display in English, French or Spanish.
- The Original Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking.
- Compact, dash-hugging design.
- Integrated Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters.
- Snap-in mounting clip allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.
- Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles.
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tekonsha - Tekonsha Voyager Proportional Electric Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axle Trailers - 333060


The Voyager incorporates patented braking sensor by Tekonsha and is the best value you will find for smooth and secure trailer braking. It is compact size and features, like a bicoloured LED brake monitor (to assure a complete connection to trailer brakes and give an indication of relative braking power being applied) make the Voyager extremely versatile. Voyager minimizes interference with tow vehicle electrical systems, uses a four wire hook up, has a broad setting range and is compatible with most any vehicle.

Tekonsha - Prodigy P2 Proportional Electric Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axle Trailers - 333061


Proportional based controls offer a smooth braking response to almost any stop. Through the use of a sensing device, the brake control can determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration and then apply the trailer brakes to match. In other words, Proportional controls deliver power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle.

Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway - Designed to work with electric over hydraulic brake systems - Numerous mounting options - including 360 degree vertical rotation - Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking No level adjustment necessary - it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive - Great for backing into tough spots! Works proportionally in reverse with the ability to disable when not needed - Produces stops that are in proportion to vehicles deceleration rate - "Boost" feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers - Continual diagnostics check for proper connection, shorted magnet conditions and much more - Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the control when not in use - Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles - Limited lifetime warranty


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