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Sticker - Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle



- Black writing on reflective yellow.
- Required on Caravan & Car combinations with a length of over 7.5m that use more than 1 lane to turn.

AL-KO - Wheel Stud And Nut Set - 1/2" UNF Kit - Black - 490360


AL-KO Wheel Studs and nut kits are available in various sizes. Always ensure that you use wheel studs and nuts that are correct for the wheel size selected. Includes 5 x wheel Studs, 1/2" black and 5 x wheel nuts to suit.

AL-KO 3 SPEED 10:1 Marine Winch with Strap - 635010W


They feature ultra high strength shaft bushes, a stainless steel drive shaft, drive pawl and spring system for maximum corrosion resistance.

A unique feature of the Premium range is the galvanised rectangular frame that provides the high resistance to torsional distortion.

The clever handle design allows quick release and re-attachment to the desired gear shaft without the operator having to jump from one side of the trailer to the other.

The bolt hole patterns suit most existing boat trailers.

AL-KO - LM Marine Bearing Kit, Japanese - 482051


Marine trailer wheel bearings comprise of two parts, the cup which is pressed into the hub and the cone, this is the part that contains the rollers of the marine trailer wheel bearing. Trailer wheel bearings should always be replaced in a set, that is the cup and cone together. In a bearing combination in a hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer)is called the inner bearing.
The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing.
Marine bearing kits are provided with a marine seal designed to prevent water ingress and grease contamination.

LM (Holden bearings) are rated for 750 kg on a 39 mm round or 40 mm square axle.

LM Japanese Marine Bearing Kit Includes:

1 x Bearing cup LM67010, JAP

1 x Bearing cone LM67048, Jap

1 x Bearing cup LM11910, JAP

1 x Bearing cone LM11949, Jap

1 x Grease cap H26

1 x Seal Marine - LM and Composite

1 x Split pin 4MM x 25MM Zinc

AL-KO - Stub Axle - 39mm round x 205mm - Rated 750kg/pair - 143911


AL-KO stub axle 39mm round x 205mm machined with LM profile. This stub axle is rated 750kg/pair.

AL-KO - Wheel Nut Set - 7/16" - Zinc Plated - 490371


AL-KO Wheel Nuts are available in various sizes. Always ensure that you use wheel studs and nuts that are correct for the wheel size selected. Includes 5 X Wheel Nuts 7/16" black.

AL-KO - Grease Cap Set - Suits LM And Slimline - 491021


AL-KO grease caps press in to the outside of your hub. The grease cap holds the grease that surrounds your bearings in place and when In good condition, effectively prevents grease contamination through water and dust ingress.

AL-KO - Wheel Studs And Nut Set - 7/16" Kit - Black - 490260


AL-KO Wheel Studs and nut kits are available in various sizes. Always ensure that you use wheel studs and nuts that are correct for the wheel size selected. Includes 5 x wheel Studs, 7/16" black and 5 x wheel nuts to suit.

AL-KO - Wheel Stud Set - 7/16" - Zinc Plated - 490375


AL-KO wheel studs are all fitted with a knurled section that when inserted in to the hub, stops the stud from rotating. Always ensure that you use wheel studs that are correct for the wheel size selected.

Includes 5 x Wheel Studs, 7/16" Zinc Plated.
Zinc plated wheel studs for additional corrosion resistance.

AL-KO - 3/4" Master Cylinder Cap - 313006


Replacement red plastic cap for fitment to 3/4" Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder (AL-KO Part Number: 313002). Should your hydraulic brake master cylinder cap can be damaged or misplaced, your hydraulic brakes may be rendered inoperable. For this reason, it is a good idea to purchase and carry a spare when completing remote trips.

AL-KO - Mechanical Caliper Brakes, Forward Pull - Pair - 323103


Kit Includes:

2 x mechanical disk brake callipers

4 x Zinc Plated Blots 7/16 UNF x 2/14

4 x 7/16 washers - shake proof

4 x Flat zinc washers 7/16 x 7/8

Forward Pull

AL-KO - HT Holden, c/w Chinese S/L bearings & marine seal - 441291


All of AL-KO's hubs are manufactured from high grade ductile iron to give maximum achievable strength.
Some of AL-KO's hubs are available in zinc plated or hot dipped galvanised finish as well as the traditional raw cast finish.

The capacity of a hub is dependent on the size of wheel bearings fitted and such dimensional limits such as flange diameter and the available hole in the wheel to which it is fitted (on the hub this is the hub outer boss dimension).

To ascertain what hub from the vast AL-KO range is required it is important to know the following:

Total load you expect a pair of hubs to carry in kg.

Wheel bearing type to be fitted (LM, slimline, 1.5 t, etc).

Wheel drilling pattern (4 stud Datsun, 5 stud Mini, 5 Stud HQ Holden, 5 stud Ford, 6 stud Landcruiser).



1 x Galvanised Disc Hub fitted with 5x 7/16” UNF wheel studs.

5x 7/16” UNF wheel nuts

1 x Bearing Cone LM68149 - Chinese

1 x Bearing Cone LM12749 - Chinese

1 x Marine Seal - SL Type

1 x Grease cap

AL-KO - Hydraulic Brake Caliper Set - Dacromet - 341001


AL-KO Dacromet coated hydraulic disc brake calipers are fitted with special pistons that will not rust.

The simplicity of hydraulic lines connecting multiple calipers makes this style of caliper suitable for installations where more than one axle is used.
Hydraulic disc brake calipers are typically actuated with over ride couplings or an electric over hydraulic actuation system such as AL-KO's IQ7. When Trailers with loaded weights exceeding 2000 kg require independent control and breakaway facility, causing the brakes to automatically be activated should the towing vehicle and the trailer become accidentally disconnected. AL-KO IQ7 fulfils this legal requirement.

AL-KO hydraulic disc brake calipers are suitable for disc hubs and rotors of thicknesses from 12mm to 15mm.

Recommended operating pressure is 6.9 mpa (1000psi). Mounting holes: 88.9mm centre to centre. (3.5")


2 x Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers Finished In Dacromet

2 x Brake Pads


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