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Briteangle LED warning triangle

$79.00 $89.95

All road users will feel much safer and more confident on the road with the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle packed and ready for the trip. If you need to pull over on the side of a road due to an emergency or breakdown, the warning triangle can be placed behind or mounted onto the back of the stationary vehicle, so any approaching traffic is alerted of the potential hazard. The LED high-intensity lights can be seen from up to 300 m away during the day or night, depending on weather conditions. It's easy to assemble using the protective case that doubles as a stand and it can withstand winds of up to 72 km/h. With its built-in switch mechanism, you will have peace of mind that the battery will not accidentally run out when in storage. Be as safe as possible on the road for your next trip by packing the high quality and reliable BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle.


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